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FELLOW Shimmy Sieve

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Are fines in your ground coffee negatively effecting the clarity of your brew? Put your coffee grinds in in the Fellow Shimmy and with only a few shakes of this ergonomic coffee sieve, its 200 micron filter will separate all the good grinds from the micro fines so you can brew better tasting coffee.

If your grinder is consistently inconsistent (when it comes to grind size, that is) then Fellow Shimmy will help even extraction and improve the flavour of your favourite brew.

  • Grinds Capacity: 80 grams
  • Filter Size: 200 µm metal filter
  • Dimensions: 75 mm (L) x 60 mm (W) x 197.7 mm (H)
  • Materials: Plastic body, lid, and bottom cap, silicone gaskets, and 304 stainless steel filter
  • Ergonomic shape makes sifting as easy as shaking a cocktail
  • Fine-etched metal filter removes all coffee fines under 200 microns
  • Translucent body allows for a view of the sieved coffee amount
  • Precise pouring lid for easy transfer of sifted grinds to brewer
  • Quickly disassembles into component parts for easy cleaning
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