Shipping & Pickup

Orders are shipped or are ready for pick up at the roastery on the next business day.

We offer free shipping on orders $36+ in BC, $40+ in the rest of Canada and $90+ in the US.

Probably not! 90% of the time packages get delivered a day or two after being delayed. You can find the tracking number on your confirmation email.

Yes! Simply select "pick-up" during check out and your order will be ready for pick-up on the next business day at the roastery on 1359 Powell St. Make sure to check our business hours here.


This can vary from coffee to coffee, but as a general rule of thumb, we recommend allowing your beans to rest for a minimum of 1-3 days after it's roasted before consumption (you can find the roast date on the bottom of the bag). Light roasts will benefit from a longer rest period of 1-2 weeks. After that, your coffee will taste best for about 4 weeks and then slowly start to lose some of its tasting notes. Proper storage plays a big role in freshness, and we recommend keeping your coffee in a sealed airtight container in a cool, dark and dry place.

We sure do. You can find them in the Learn section of our site!

Our tasting notes on each of the coffees might help guide your choice, but feel free to reach out to us with some information about the type of coffee you like and how you brew, and we'll be happy to make some suggestions!


Orders usually go out the next business day after you sign up for a subscription.

You can pause, skip your next order or cancel through your account. If you want to change your coffee roast subscription, simply cancel your current subscription and select a new coffee roast subscription.

Yes. Login into your account and select pause or skip next order.

Not at this time.

You're only going to be charged shipping if your individual orders are under the free shipping threshold. Free shipping is applied on subscriptions where each individual shipment is over $35. For example, if your subscription includes a weekly delivery of 2lb Peru and a monthly delivery of 2lb Equinox Espresso, the total amount in your cart will be over $35, but the weekly shipments are actually under $35, so shipping fees will be applied.

Gift Cards

Yes! Please see our products page to purchase a gift card.

Returns & Exchanges

We generally do not accept returns, but if something out of the ordinary happened, please reach out to us and we will do our best to help.

No refunds on ground coffee can be issued. Unfortunately once coffee is ground we can no longer reuse it, so please double check your cart before checking out.