Why Partner with Us

Here at Agro, we're passionate about creating conversations that connect and empower our community. One of our favourite platforms for sharing this vision is through collaboration with like-minded entrepreneurs and establishments. If you believe in sustainability, quality and accessibility for the betterment of farmers and consumers alike, we want to hear from you. 

The following services are provided to wholesale customers:

Freshness. Coffee roasted to order, weekly delivery. All our coffee is delivered to your door within days of being roasted. Roasted on-date will be provided. We will develop an ordering schedule with you to ensure all coffee will be used within the optimal time after roasting, providing you with a consistent freshness that your customers can trust and depend on.

Education. Setup and training offered onsite with your team.

Marketing. We provide marketing material such as coffee information, tasting notes and origin and producer profiles. 

Quality and Cost Control. We help identify where there is wastage, misuse, quality, or improper equipment maintenance.


For more information, please contact 604.828.1174 or andrew@agroroasters.com.

To place an order, or for inquiries on an existing account, please contact orders@agroroasters.com.