Our beans

Our beans are craft roasted to order in 12 kilo batches. This ensures each single origin is roasted to the peak of its perfection, highlighting the coffee's unique characteristics. Quality and consistency are of supreme importance to us so we individually cup and evaluate each and every batch.


At Agro Roasters we focus on the characteristics of single origin beans in order to showcase the efforts of the farmers that work the fields. Our Espresso is our only blend taking 2.5 years of tinkering on our small 3kilo roaster. It is a closely guarded blend of five unique origins that draw out and frame the flavors of one another.

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Buying our beans

We recommend buying our beans in small quantities (1-2 week supply), so that you experience fresh beans more regularly and enjoy your coffee at its peak of excellent. Our beans are roasted to order which means there is no surplus of coffee sitting around getting old until someone buys it. We want you to enjoy our coffee when it's at its finest. Just like other fresh produce, coffee begins to deteriorate in quality about 14 days after roasting, even under ideal conditions. To ensure you receive your coffee beans in the best condition, we store and ship our coffee in airtight, recyclable/reusable gas valve bags, which helps the coffee retain its freshness and guard from the effects of temperature, light, and air.