French Press

Ground coffee is placed in a glass container; hot water is added and allowed to steep. A tightly fitting plunging screen is then pushed to the bottom of the glass, where the grounds are trapped. Unexpected coffee grounds can enter the coffee in this method, which allows for more oils and coffee solids (small, desirable suspended particles called colloids) that provide a cup of coffee with more aroma and dense body. People who prefer coffee to have a strong character and substance consider this a perfect brew method.



  • When you're using a French press, always boil the water before you start grinding the beans. This will allow it to cool to the correct temperature and prevent scalding the coffee.
  • Depending on the quality of your water, you may find that using filtered water significantly improves the taste of your coffee. In any case, you should always use fresh water.
  • Grind-A high quality grinder is the most important factor in guaranteeing the perfect French press coffee. What you are looking for is a grinder that will produce large grounds, all of equal size. If you use a cheap grinder you will end up with some fine particles mixed in with the large grounds. The press filter will not be able to remove these fine particles and you will end up with a 'muddy' brew. Also, too many fine particles will result in the coffee being over extracted and bitter. Note: press pots will have either a nylon or a metal filter. In general, a metal filter requires a coarser grind than a nylon filter.
  • When it's time to heap in the fresh coffee, be generous. It is always easier to dilute your brew than to make it stronger. As a guide, you should allow 1 rounded tablespoon per cup of water. This can be modified to your own taste.
  • Now your water is slightly cooled from boiling point - perfect for good extraction of coffee flavour and aroma. When you pour the water into the press, be sure to cover all the grounds.
  • Gently stir to make sure all the grounds are wet. During stirring, the coffee will rise to the top of the pot.
  • Pop the lid on and let steep for approximately 2-3 minutes for a small pot, or 4 minutes for a large pot.
  • Press and enjoy! When the coffee has finished brewing, you need to carefully plunge the press filter down through the coffee. Be slow, steady, and keep the rod upright. If you tilt the rod, or press too quickly you might ruin your brew by letting grounds escape from beneath the filter, or by overflowing the pot.