The term 'espresso' is often used for a type of coffee, but it is actually the term for the brewing procedure. Espresso means coffee that is made at the moment when it is requested and it refers to a quick infusion of water through coffee grounds using either a stovetop or an electrical machine. The difference with other brewing systems is that the water is forced under pressure through finely ground coffee packed tightly into the filter.

How To

  • Preheat your portafilter and cup
  • Dry your portafilter and evenly distribute 16-18 grams of freshly ground coffee into a double basket filter.
  • Use approximately thirty pounds of even pressure when tamping your coffee. The surface should be flat and level with no holes for channeling.
  • Flush your group head with two seconds of hot water and then insert your portafilter into the group head.
  • Brew the espresso immediately for approximately 20-26 seconds to create two ounces.