Sourcing Our Beans

At Agro Roasters we source beans based on quality, sustainability and

The farmers that grow and produce our coffee beans are incredibly important to us. Our Cafes are their livelihood. Our customers are ensuring that our farmers around the world can support their families.

The farmers are the very start of our supply chain. So we want to support them in producing the greatest beans at a fair price, so we can pass on the quality to you and economy to them.

We currently are working hard to source our coffee direct from farmers in Kenya and around the world, through our non-profit NGO organization AGRODEV. This way we know the origin of our beans, and know that they have been produced through sustainable, fair, and ecologically sound methods. We are also working with our importing partners to select the best coffee from communities in other parts of the developing world, including:



Agro Roasters is committed to constant improvement in our economic and ecological practices both at home and in countries of origin. Currently, weʼre doing things like composting our coffee grounds at UBC Farms, using green suppliers for everything we can in our cafes, and educating our customers about coffee and sustainability. We source local and organic foods for our kitchen and bakery, and only buy Fair Trade Organic coffees. We use compostable packaging and almost everything you can walk out of our cafes with is compostable or recyclable.

In the bigger picture, weʼre helping to build a specialty coffee market, which offers a sustainable economic solution for farmers who commit to quality at origin. We buy only shade-grown coffees, which help preserve and support diverse forest ecosystem and migratory bird habitats.

We also support sustainable coffee cultivation by dealing with brokers who support social and environmental initiatives in origin, and are dedicated to improving the lives of children and families in the coffee-growing regions of the world. Our roaster, Blake Hanacek, has personally visited some of our coffee farms in Mexico, Costa Rica, Bolivia, Uganda and Kenya, and as a trained agronomist has given feedback on all aspects of agriculture and greens processing.

Since we began, we have been committed to buying only the finest greens for roasting, as determined by taste in the cup. The finest coffees in the world are in shortest supply and are, by virtue of that fact, the highest-priced raw materials for our business. Along with other quality-minded roasters, we are a part of a growing specialty coffee market that promotes sustainable development for coffee communities around the world.